5 Tips for Seasonal and Long-Term Classic Car Storage in Northamptonshire

5 Tips for Seasonal and Long-Term Classic Car Storage in Northamptonshire

March 3rd, 2021

Planning to get a classic car? Well, it is worth an investment and one thing that you have to do is to keep it in the best condition. Investing in seasonal or long-term car storage in Northamptonshire is a profitable way to protect the car and will be the right solution for the area. Summer is the perfect time to bring the classic cars on the streets. In order to take care of the car you have to get them out and use them when the weather condition is favourable and store them properly. That means the best time to store the car is during the winter.

It may seem easy to drive your car to storage and just leave it, but old cars are meant to be driven. Storing a classic car without proper preparation can have a harmful impact on the integrity of the car and motor. Hence, be sure that you aren’t unintentionally causing damage to the car. How to determine so? Auto Car Storage Company has mentioned five tips that you must know if you are planning for classic car storage Northamptonshire.


Jack Up Your Car and Air Up Your Tires!

The long-term limitation in the storage can result in worse if your car needs new tires. As per the recommendation of Auto Car Storage Company, you should keep the tires in great shape by filling them properly. When you know that you are not going to drive the car all these days, then store it with jack stands. This will decrease the weight on tires and will prevent flat spotting and relax the car’s suspension. Make sure your car is resting on a natural surface such as stone or dirt. Place the wheels on some impermeable surface like plywood on the vehicle storage Northamptonshire. Do not let the ground rot affect your car negatively!


Check the Car Battery & Fluids:

If you are planning to store the classic car for long-term then it is recommended to remove the car battery entirely. If the battery terminal is worn away, then clean it clearly with a mixture of baking soda, distilled water, and petroleum jelly. Store the battery off the ground in a proper environment above freezing. This will keep the battery working for a longer period. Make a quick inspection and make sure that the fluids are topped off along with the brake fluid, and transmission fluid.


Determine the Right Storage Location

A classic car should be stored in a dark, dry and clean place. While it may be fascinating to keep your car at an inexpensive old barn – it may damage your car. A garage attached to your home is not the ideal place because constant access exposes your car to the elements.

Get the Vehicle Precise

Does it sound useless to clean and wax your car before placing it in the storage? Well, it is potentially an important step to take in order to protect the car. Dust and debris are potentially accounted for to scratch or damage the exterior paint. Additionally, dirt and crumbs inside attract pests and odours that you will never want. Through cleaning before placing them in storage is important to protect your car from scratches or damages.

Oil your car

Always store your car with a full tank of premium gas and fresh oil as this will protect your fuel from moisture build-up and the corrosion that it may cause. Add a stabilizer to the gas so that it will not start leaving unwanted deposits over there. Make a short drive after filling it up so that the stabilizer that you have added gets disturbed throughout the system. Moreover, you can add the stabilizer before topping off the tank in order to ensure that fuel levels are at maximum. It is also advisable to install a new oil filter too! Lubricate your engine cylinders before storing the classic car for an extended period. You will have to remove the spark plugs to do this.



If you are looking for 24-hour classic car storage Northamptonshire to keep your classic vehicle in order then choose Auto Car Storage Company. The professionals will put your vehicle in a safe and secure storage facility. They offer a wide variety of available storage like vintage car storage Northamptonshire, or more. To learn more about our storage unit features, contact experts today!