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What To Consider for Car Storage in Northamptonshire During the Third Lockdown?

Once again, we are into a lockdown. Furthermore, the weather is also cold and wet, and it is time to start thinking about car storage Northamptonshire in lockdown. 

While car storage is essential, it is also crucial to know what to consider to find low car transport and car storage in Northamptonshire. 

What to consider to find the right car storage in Northamptonshire?

Here is a quick guide on what you should be considering when you decide to store your car during the third lockdown.

How long will you store your car?

The very first thing you need to identify is the timeframe for which you want to store your car.  

While it can be during the week, it may be that you need to store your car throughout the winter months to protect from the harsh British weather.

Even if you are leaving the country or unable to get back into the UK, you will need a long term car storage solution. 

If it is something you need during the lockdown – a leading car storage in Northamptonshire, like Auto Car Storage Company, has a range of storage solutions for you. 

Wash and Clean Car

Your car may be in the storehouse for months, but we advise the owners to get their car squeaky clean before dropping it off at the auto storage centre. It helps in preventing bugs, foul smell or dirt from getting into the paintwork.

Pump Up Tyres

Fill your tyres to the maximum PSI rating to restrict the tyres from developing flat spots. Don’t worry about switching modern radial tyres. You can simply leave the car in neutral with the parking brake released; or, if you have an electric car, you can leave it in the park.

Invest in Good Car Cover

Though you may complain if any dirt or trash gets on to your car as you see through your eyes, you won’t complain if there is any internal damage due to the cold weather. However, we recommend a good quality car cover. 

General Car Maintenance

Here’s a quick checklist to keep your car clean and in the right shape during the time in storage.

  • Fill up with fuel to restrict compression and help deter rusting.

  • Check your oil as older oil can damage the engine when left for a while.

  • Pump up your tyres to avoid developing a tyre spot.

Maintain the Car While in Storage

Ask if the car storage Northamptonshire company offers any car health check and maintenance to keep it in running condition. 

Monthly maintenance would include general tyre, engine and battery check, running the engine to keep up the working temperature, and car battery charge to keep full capacity.

Not only car storage, but you can book a low car transport Northamptonshire at a leading local car storage Northamptonshire, including Auto Car Storage Company. Inform the storage business about the vehicle and the origin and destination of the shipment, they will get back to you soon. Visit our facebook profile.

Storing your car is now easier. Isn’t it?